And Other Resources for People Struggling in this Day and Age.

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A few tips to safeguard your mental health in the midst of a social media quagmire.

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I looked around, saw the world as it is and said ‘No. It’s you who doesn’t think enough.’

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…and that makes me more worthwhile than you.

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A Lover of Music Laments his Musical Loss.

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A brief note on how triumph and tragedy can often walk hand in hand.

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Medium posts, that is…

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Or Can It…? (A Poetic Satire)

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A Brief Exercise in Trying to Do More With Less.

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The importance of language via the sounds of my favorite German band.

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Darht Bjehl

“Big Brother had an evil mother…” I write about reality…and reality isn't as fluffy/pretty as salesmen and other assorted marketing slime want you to believe.

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