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So it’s the Monday before the T day. Many people will, as expected, violate the Gluttony deadly sin later this week by gorging themselves on the usual customary comestibles. I for one, will not be involving myself in any overt rituals or traditions which are customarily associated with the holidays…

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Tuesday, October 25th, 2032 (one possible tomorrow)

One week from the next Presidential election. For the first time in American history, two strong ‘third’ parties are at the fore of the political arena. People have finally had enough with the status quo and amassed enough political will to unseat the…

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Names are a particular interest of mine because, like the late great George Carlin, interests cost me nothing…apart from perhaps a few late fees at the public library; but also because they allow for a tangible sense of the threads of history which extend back to before history was a…

Darht Bjehl

I’m here to publish, read the work of a few good writers and occasionally offer competent critique in select circumstances. I’m not here to socialize.

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